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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • What is Makaizou Figures?
    If you're new to the term "Makaizou" (魔改造 or Devil Modification, literally). It basically means when a figure (being a PVC figure, GK Resin figure….etc) is being taken away its clothes, made nude, adding "important parts" (boobs and pussy) and /or doing any erotic modification, it's called "Makaizou". Or some even small or normal breasts figures being made into Oppai versions. So, to put it plain and simple, making a normal figure into a naked or ero figure = Makaizou. All figures sold here depict full or partial nudity and are not intended for immature hobbyists. Please be aware that customs regulations for your country may prevent this figure from being delivered to you (contact your country's customs agency if you have questions about this). Parental regulations may also prevent you from receiving it. Please use discretion when ordering.
  • Are Makaizou figures sold here officially licensed?
    Nope, all these Makaizou figures are replications plus erotic modifications of some officially manufactured normal non-nude, non-erotic figures. Please DO NOT make a purchase here if you're thinking that any of these figures sold here at is officially licensed.
  • Are all the Makaizou figures sold here ready stocks?
    Nope. All the items sold here are of Pre-Order basis and are all Made to Order. All Pre-Order Makaizou figures should be ready for shipment out from our Makaizou18 workshop within 2 working weeks after an order is successfully placed and paid. NOTE: Please do not place an order if you're only looking to buy a ready stock Makaizou figure here.
  • How's the quality of the Makaizou figures here?
    I would say our Makaizou figures quality is pretty not bad. But what our customers think is more important. You may visit our TrustPilot page to see some of our reviews there at:
  • Any ready stocks actual pics of some of the Makaizou figures?
    Yes, of course. You may check out some of the actual product pics we've taken before we shipped our orders out from our warehouse at:
  • How do I make payment for my order?
    Once you place an order, you may make payment for the order of yours via PayPal during checkout. Once the order is received, payment is verified by our end, we will start the production of the Pre-Ordered Makaizou figure(s) and have it shipped out once it's ready (normally within 2 working weeks time).
  • Why is the PayPal address / account that I paid to is registered to a Malaysian address?
    Our company / warehouse / factory is located in China, where all the Makaizou figures are produced and shipped out from. While, our sales office located in Malaysia. Our customer support staff and also all the accounting matters are being handled by Sales office in Malaysia. Hope that clears the air. =)
  • Can you pack my order discreetly before shipping and declaring a lower value on the package?
    Yes! Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. With our discrete packaging, you can shop with us in absolute confidence. We will undervalue / undervalue the package with a lowered custom declaration value of USD20. Also, we will declare the content as "PVC Figure".
  • Do you ship to my country?
    Yes, we do ship worldwide. Shipping fee will be calculated respectively during order checkout.
  • How long would the shipping duration be?
    The shipping duration varies, depending on the country you're placing an order from. But it should normally be: - 2-3 working weeks for USA orders 2 working weeks for all other countries
  • Will I be able to track the package once it's being shipped?
    Yes! Of course, all shipping method methods used are all trackable.
  • Do I need to pay customs fee when the package is arrived?
    Even we're willing to undervalue the package upon shipment. At times, customers may still be required to pay customs fees when receiving foreign shipments. Makaizou18 unfortunately has no control over any fees/taxes levied by your country's government.
  • Will my package be opened for inspection when it is arrived at my country?
    Please note that some countries may require parcels to be opened for customs inspection. Our store cannot be held responsible for any actions taken by customs officials, and we are unable to provide compensation or replacements for any items lost, seized, or damaged during the inspection.
  • How do I combine my shipments to save on shipping fees?
    As the limitation of the backend shipping fee calculating systems of the website. We are unable to calculate the shipping fee correctly and precisely when there's more than an item being ordered, as all the items are being charged as separate shipments being shipped out from our warehouse. If you'd like to combine the shipping together in order to save on the ever-increasing shipping fee. Kindly get in touch with our customer support staff via email at: or chat with us via the chat tool on the bottom right of the page. Just let us know which are the items that you're planning to purchase from us and you'd like to combine the shipping in order to save a couple bucks. We will do a manual check and get back to you with a "Promo Discount Code" to offset the differential on combined shipping for your order. =)
  • Do you accept any cancellation or return?
    Nope. As all order(s) / item(s) sold here are of Pre-Order and Made to Order basis. Therefore, each item / order is unique to each customer. It is not possible for us to accept any kind of Cancellation after order and payment is made or Return after an item has arrived. NOTE: Please do not place an order if you're not accepting the No-Cancellation & No-Return policy of
  • Do you accept custom Makaizou orders?
    Yes, we do accept anime PVC figure custom erotic modification orders (a.k.a Makaizou / 魔改造 ).
  • How do I custom order a Makaizou figure?
    You may start by telling us, by email at : 1) Which figure do you intend to modify erotically 2) How would you like to modify it? i) Just turn it into a nude figure? ii) Changing the colour of her hair? iii) Changing the colour of her skin? iv) To give her bikini tan lines / marks? v) To make her boobs bigger? vi) To give her some pubic hair? vii) To give her a more bigger or smaller vagina? Let us assess base on size of the figure, the difficulty to get the work done, the cost may involve and quote you with a price for the modifications.
  • Do I pay full before the modifications?
    Yes, we only do accept full payment for all custom orders. Of course, we'd only accept payment when both parties are agreeable with the costs & work may involve. PayPal payment account:
  • Do I have to supply the figure for modifications?
    Well, there are 3 different scenarios we might be looking at:- 1) Some customers would want us to purchase the original / genuinely licensed figure(s) on their behalf and start the modifications from there. 2) Some customers would ship us their own PVC figure(s) for modifications (we try advise our customers to not do that, as the import customs duty do cost quite a lot here in China.) 3) Some customers would buy the higher quality China version figure(s) from us and start the modifications from there. These are kind of more finely made bootleg figures. With the modification works done onto them, they will look pretty close to a quality OEM figure with all the naughty elements on it. (You may visit the higher quality China version figures we've got here at: ) Once we've gotten the figure for Makaizou modifications, we would then commence working on it and update you of the progress from time to time. Fine tuning some small details, should there is. Get in touch with us if you've got other plans in your mind at:
  • Is the modification fee including the shipping fee to me?
    Nope, it does not. We would only be able to measure, weigh & determine the international shipping fee to you once the whole modification process has been completed. We will send you the amount of the international shipping fee before we get the modified figure shipped to you.
  • Can you let me know how much it would cost to custom makaizou modify a figure?
    We would need all the details from you before we could give you an exact quote for any custom makaizou modification order. However, the costs you'd likely be looking at should be as per below: 1a) Shipping fee of the figure to be modified to us in China & import customs duty fee, should there is (if you decide to send us your figure to be modified) OR 1b) We purchase the figure to be modified on your behalf locally OR 1c) You purchase a higher quality China version figure from us and start the work from there: 2) The Makaizou modification fee (which we could only quote you after we've gotten the details from you) 3) International shipping fee for the erotically modified figure to be shipped to you. So, it could be:- (1a) OR (1b) OR (1c) + (2) + (3) = the whole cost of a custom order Generally speaking, going for option (1b) OR (1c) would be a little more cost effective. (1b)-[ if you're looking to get a genuinely licensed figure and modify it from there ] (1c)-[ get a good quality bootleg figure and start the modifications from there ]
  • Where can I see how the Makaizou modifications is like?
    Well, you can have a look at the page via the link here to see how we transform a bootleg figure into a beautiful sexy Makaizou figure:
  • Is there a place for me to check out the quality of the products before I custom order?
    Yes, of course. You may check out some of the pics we've taken before we shipped our orders out from our warehouse at:

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We open 24/7. Should you have any inquiry, feel free to just drop us a message via the chat tool on the page and we shall get back to you at the soonest we could (in EN / CH / MY).

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