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Makaizou Process of a Custom Order


Let us walk you through how the Makaizou process will be like

This is to show you what you will be expecting to get when you place a custom Makaizou figure modification order from us~ Below is a non-genuine / non-officially licensed figure being erotically custom-made into a fully nude girl! 


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Let us walk you through on how the Makaizou process will be like

You send us a figure

for Makaizou 魔改造 modifications

You can either:-

1) send us your own collection, OR 

2) have us to purchase a figure on your behalf and work on it ( genuine figure or otherwise), OR

3) get a higher quality China version figure from us (which would cost lesser) -

and start the modifications from here on.

Receiving figure, inspect, planning and Makaizou modification starts

We strip her down

prepping her for upcoming modifications

Now that she's all stripped down, taken all the removable parts off her. She's ready for the next phase of work to be done onto her, to file down, to polish, to attach her arm to make it into one-piece and all others.

Prepping her for for initial painting & polishing.

And put her back

together for some naughty adjustments

Her body is now all prepped, and well put back together. We will do some touches to make sure it is all good before we move on to the next stage.

She's now all in one piece & ready for her nipples, vagina detail sculpting

Forming & sculpting

of her sexual anatomy

This is where we give her her first nipples & vagina sculpting. Not to mind the rough finishing for now, they will all go away, looking more refined and well finished when they get polished later. And her clit will get slightly smaller after too.

We shall move on to the next polishing stage after this.