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POP One Piece Nami Makaizou OPPAI Ver. BB BLUE POP ワンピース ナミ 魔改造 Ver.BB BLUE Sexy

POP One Piece Nami Makaizou OPPAI Ver. BB BLUE POP ワンピース ナミ 魔改造 Ver.BB BLUE Sexy


This is a Oppai Big Breasted Makaizou edition figure of POP Nami! Our One Piece Makaizou series revolves around transforming One Piece female characters into high-quality, naughty, sexy, erotic figures with superb coloring and form that perfectly capture their cheeky and sexy personalities. This figure is one of the few One Piece Makaizou series that we've got here.

At about 5 inches / 13cm in height, Nami is wearing nothing in the bottom exposing her hairless pussy and a blue T-shirt (showing off her busty bouncy big breasts) with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, Nami gives a slightly mischievous sexy smile while looking cute. Using a bold sculpting / erotic modifying approach and careful shading, her slender yet curvy body, charming yet seductive form comes to life. 


Add this Makaizou Nami Ver.BB Blue ( 魔改造  ワンピース ナミVer.BB BLUE ) to your hentai ero figure collection and take a moment to daydream or even wet-dreaming that you’re kicking back on the beach with her, doing some lewd stuffs and go back to sleep after!


Gentle Reminder

Note: Drop us a message via the chat tool on the bottom right of the page and tell us which is the Makaizou figure you're interested in to view its uncensored pics and let us see what we can do (or via our facebook fanpage:   ).

Note2: We do accept custom made (to a certain degree, as in body parts or skin tone color...etc ) order(s) as well. Chat with us and tell us what you have in mind and let's see how it works from there! =)  

Product Name in EN:  POP One Piece Nami Makaizou Ver. BB BLUE


Product Name in JP: POP ワンピース ナミ 魔改造 Ver.BB BLUE


From Which Anime/Comic/Game (ACG) Series: One Piece / ワンピース


Scale: 1/8


Height: Approximately 13cm

Opening Hours

We open 24/7. Should you have any inquiry, feel free to just drop us a message via the chat tool on the page and we shall get back to you at the soonest we could (in EN / CH / MY).

+6019 - 4983169

Store Location

Sales Office

85-3-2, Tanjung Bungah Park, 11200 Penang, Malaysia

Factory / Store

500 Chang-An Street,
HeiLongJiang, China

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