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Kagarino Kirie 篝ノ 雾枝 China Version for Makaizou / 魔改造

Kagarino Kirie 篝ノ 雾枝 China Version for Makaizou / 魔改造


Kagarino Kirie is the heroine of the first story. A beautiful vampire who upholds an air of superiority. Calm and composed, she does not speak frequently in public. Looks down at humans as an inferior species and is adamant on her opinion. She attends the same all-girls' school Shigehiko teaches at as a first-year student.


The main female protagonist in Norowareshi Densetsu no Shoujo, the first title in the Bishoujo Mangekyou series.

At first glance, Kirie is a beautiful student at an all-girls school that Onogami teaches at, but secretly she is a 300+ year old vampire with an air of superiority. Being adamant in her opinion that humans are an inferior species. She keeps a calm and composed persona while also not speaking much in public.

She has long silver hair styled in twintails with bangs and sidelocks, red eyes (blue eyes in public), and small breasts. Her BWH is 79-45-80, she is 148cm tall, and weighs 37kgs.

In the game she wears a variety of clothing:

  • Main Attire: black dress with puffy juliet sleeves, black neck garter with a black ribbon, and black panties.
  • School Uniform: yellow jacket, white dress shirt with red ribbon, plad grey skirt, black bra, black panties, black thighhighs, and black shoes.
  • Vampire Attire: black cape, black bra, black panties, black thigh boots.
  • Blue School Swimsuit
  • Nun Uniform with white thighhighs


Kindly NOTE:-

  • This figure is a China Version figure, not a genuine figure.
  • This figure is for customers who are intending to purchase it for customization work be done by us.
  • The price shown is only for the China Version figure itself, and it is NOT inclusive of the modification fee.
  • The price shown is only for the China Version figure itself, and it is NOT inclusive of the international shipping fee. However, drop us an email if you're interested to just getting the figure without any customization work. We will let you know how much the shipping fee would be for the item to be shipped to you.
  • Please contact us to get a quotation for the type of modification(s) that you'd like for this figure (or any other figure if you'd like to ship to us) to be modified.
  • Custom Makaizou work for each figure usually should range anywhere from USD350 or more.


You could find out about our past custom modified pieces here:-


Normal Flow of Custommade Makaizou Figure should be as follows:-

#1 - Tell us how you would like us to custom modify & which figure that is?


#2 - We would then give you a pricing quotation, and you can decide from there if you'd like to carry with the modifications? (If agreeable, collect payment for the modification work.)


#3- Figure to be modified:-

  • Do you want us to buy the genuine one on your behalf and start the modifications here?
  • Or do you want to ship us your own PVC figure(s) for modifications? 
  • Or do you want us to buy a higher quality China version ones and start the modifications here? (You may visit the higher quality China version figures we've got here at: )


#4- Once the source of the "soon-to-be modified" figure is determined and being shipped to us, the modification process will start.


#5- Upon completion of the modification work, we will then check on the international shipping fee, collect it from you and get the makaizou ( 魔改造 ) figure shipped out to you~! =)


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